4Story Multihack – ONEHIT Patch 4.1

4Story – video game MMORPG developed by Zemi Interactive, released in Europe by the studio Gameforge4D MMORPGs. It has a very extensive story for each of the countries. Since 2009, the game is sold in North America under the name of Gates of Andaron. The title “4Story” means the 3 kingdoms and one hero.

The theme of the project Gora Arab culture and architecture of the Middle East. Sculpture in the main castle and the place on the market in the style of Islamic mosques. The theme of weapons, armor, are a bandit, robber and pirate. Extras introduce new weapons, armor, siege, trade routes, cities, fields, dungeons and more. Gor is used to trade between the kingdoms of Derion and Valorian and communication between Derion, Valorian. In the kingdom was able to recruit mercenaries, enables existing users above level 80 to amend the current citizenship Gor and lets go to war as a mercenary with one of the existing two kingdoms. Mercenaries are paid from your guild. There is a possibility as Gorianin, support one of the two kingdoms Valorian or Derion. In the Gora is a new entertainment program, two PvP arena, the arena for 3 players and the 3×3 group of 7 players in the group of 7×7, which can be done after a few fights.

4Story Multihack - ONEHIT Patch 4.1

4Story Multihack – ONEHIT Patch 4.1 Download





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