Airport City Cheats Free

With “Airport City” recently launched a new airport manager game has started onFacebook, which also strongly reminiscent of the still fresh browser game “Skyrama”. But who has now copied the idea for the scenario at whom remainsunclear. Not only the appearance of the airport, and the whole gameplay is very similar Skyrama. A significant difference exists in Airport City, however, from />the fact that the players care not only about its own airport, but also parallel to an adjacent town needs to be expanded to the best of abilities. While the variety of tasks ranging from airport arrival and departure care of the individual machines, as well as the well-being of the passengers is our top priority, it should be the goal of the player to turn his small town into a world economic center. Variety of housing, shops and attractions ensure potential residents to make a move to the city’s owntasty, over time you would like to sedentary people, prominent people to join, which lend the prestige of the city an extra boost.

“Airport City” is a mix of a huge portion gelunger “Skyrama” and a dollop of “CityVille”. The gameplay of the two games were merged into one another almost perfectly here. Solely the background music is completely absent in this browser game, given the always umherdudelnden sounds from Cityville but certainly not theworst decision

Airport City Cheats Free

This Tool will make your Life in Airport City a lot more easier. You can simply charge your Account with Goods and Currency, in a matter of minutes from now. And as always, more Money = MORE FUN !

This tool is one of the most downloaded facebook cheats out there, and a true MUST HAVE item in your collection of Facebook Helpers
Airport City is rated as one of the most popular Games on Facebook right now and for some reason i agree. Its loads fast and is fun to play.


Airport City Cheats Download





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