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There have been at least a couple of good production, in which the player’s goal was to create an amusement park. This did not discourage producers to set up another game of economic and social networking on the same subject. It seems even that is an application CoasterVille creatively summarizing all the work already done in this area, because we find here new and interesting, unusual items anywhere else.

We get separated at the disposal site where we can begin his work as the creator of a new amusement park. Initially, we have several attractions and a short walk. Think – what needs to be in an amusement park? In addition to becoming a better and more exciting rotors need to give people eat and drink. Do not forget also about dealing with physiological needs. In the first step you need to build a booth to rant chains and toilet. In addition to the convenience of our guests amusement park all four of these objects will be profitable. All the time we have to control the finances of the project, and earned pieniÄ…dadze wisely invest in new rides and other of the many facilities and buildings.

I think the best and most interesting part of the game is to create clou CoasterVille each theme park, which is … roller coaster. The project is expensive, but well designed object of this type will make the guests will be, as they say, banging on doors and windows. We begin by placing the station, the place where people get on and get off. Then only by your imagination (and money) are limited. Each segment can have a different shape and form, he determines the position of the next episodes rollercoaster. The longer and more convoluted literally track, the better.

It is interesting to have to add that to make us or our development surrounding the park area. There we will build hotels, where guests will be able to live as well as various manufacturing facilities – you will produce all sorts of materials and raw materials needed to operate the amusement park.

Application in all respects perfect and polished. The company Zynga had time to get used to our already high level of their programs. Excellent graphics and sound, but also the joy of playing, the possibility of creating its virtual world, is enormous.

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