Criminal Case Hack V3.2

Hidden object game (HOG) often take us on trips underwater, sometimes soar into the clouds, or you will be thrown into the ruins of ancient cities. Overall, it’s hard to come up with something for this kind of games anything new, because publishers are trying to be the most creative approach to each new title issued. Game Criminal Case on facebook combines atmosphere with rainbow unicorns and the great unknown. Of course, we also find disturbing pictures straight from the crime scene. While change is always welcome, it was that the application is to be unbearable slow.

Gameplay on the bloody

Game Criminal Case takes on the usual cop who must unravel some complicated puzzles. We will examine in detail the crime scene by clicking on various objects scattered around the area. The faster you click, the more points you earn, and the prize will be appreciable. When examining the crime scene will earn stars, which will be used as the currency of the game, when you will have to perform autopsies, analyze the evidence or witnesses przepytańá.

In Criminal Case browser game will sometimes have to arrange something like a puzzle. You will find also a number of other activities in style click and drag to kill us a little time, we can be an example search trash, or clothing of the suspect.

But what really makes the game stand out more than others are bloody crime scene. We will see even undercut the throat of the victims, decomposing bodies of the victims and naked men cut into pieces. Even the scenes where they can look for hidden items to be a bit gruesome, and I wonder what you do when you will be asked to find a bottle of urine?

Criminal Case Hack V3.2

Criminal Case Hack Features

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