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A nice little dragons under your eyes will soon undergo a metamorphosis and become beautiful, powerful creatures, which will issue the command.
Every dragon needs its own enclosure. Therefore, first build the first zagródkę and to insert the first egg hatchery, which hatch in a small dragon. Now, keep an eye out and feed it to grow into a adult. You should know that dragons are very ravenous creatures, />so it will be difficult to keep up with satisfying their appetites. Therefore, you need to build as many farms as possible, to have constant access to fresh products, which wykarmisz all residents of your dragon city.

Images like the cartoons are colorful and elaborate: Dragon City to be proud
Among the objects which we can build, you will find various kinds of farm produce many kinds of food (each dragon has their preferences), decorative objects, etc. At higher levels the dragon will get access to the market where we can sell and share with other adults individuals. One of the main tabs in the Build menu (build) is the designated word Eggs (eggs) – here you select the type of eggs that you want to buy, and which when placed in the hatchery hatch a new inhabitant of the city.

It is difficult to determine to what species should be playing Dragon City combines both known mechanisms of economic and strategic games, in which we build the city. We have here also the breeding and care of the dragons, as well as social elements. Although the game is fun and the graphics are of good quality, it is unlikely to be a big hit.


Dragon City Cheat Tool

Dragon City Cheat Tool Features:

  • Generate Unlimited Gold
  • Generate Unlimited Food
  • Generate Unlimited Gems
  • Generate Unlimited Energy

Technical Specifications:

  • Auto connect to account, you don’t have to provide any email address for it to work, which is also safe for you.
  • Proxies are harvested and provided by the tool almost instantly to keep you anonymous.
  • Easy and pre-configured built-in script for the tool.

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