Dragon Nest Hack Gold Adder

Dragon Nest is the latest in a string of Action-MMORPGs to migrate from South Korea. While the developer, in this caseEyedentity Games, is usually responsible for the awesomeness in any given title, Dragon Nest owes a great deal to its localization team in North America for some of its more joyous aspects.

That’s not to say that Eyedentity Games didn’t do a great job, though — because they did. Dragon Nest is a solid action game; the controls are tight, combat makes a lot of sense, and group interaction during the fifteen-minute (or so) dungeons, like rushing in to juggle an enemy after an ally has knocked them up, is intuitive while remaining interesting.

They’ve also done a lot with very little in terms of visuals. While nothing in Dragon Nest seems to extend beyond PS2-era visuals, a cohesive, vaguely children’s-bookish art style combined with smooth animations and lots of effects has stopped me from completely disregarding the simple looks. Dragon Nest isn’t a graphical powerhouse (and given its intention of being playable on as many systems as possible, it was probably never intended to be), but presents itself with enough confidence and occasional pizzazz that its simple appearance never became an issue. That said, it’s weird — and kind of off-putting — seeing some of the women with their boobs half hanging out in a game that, from a glance, looks so family-friendly.

Dragon Nest Hack Gold Adder

Dragon Nest is a fast paced 3D fantasy action MMORPG . The game has cute anime inspired 3D graphics and is set in the world of Lemuria. The game’s most unique aspect is its fun dynamic combat system. Unlike other MMORPGs, Dragon Nest offers randomized dungeons which keep the game fresh.


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