Drakensang Online Hack

The web MMORPG, which is a continuation of a series of Drakensang. Our hero travels the world of fantasy, doing various tasks and killing hordes of enemies. The game introduces a number of graphical improvements, feature films and functional with respect to the previous section.

Drakensang Online is a production of RPG is a continuation of the popular fantasy series. This time the authors of the />study Radeon Labs decided to emphasize the aspect of the network and allowing for competition from the browser. Drakensang Online is an MMO in Diablo climates in which we traverse the land of fantasy and fighting monsters. The world was typically divided into the city (where we buy equipment and get the job) and the dangerous area between them. Fun comes down to kill hordes of enemies and to explore the underworld, to which direct us further orders. With time, the possibility of developing a virtual character that represents one of several classes.

In comparison to previous visits, the role of the cycle the action. The story continues to play an important role, but it is not already in the first place. This time, much more attention than the scenario given to the mechanics of play. What’s more, the license was abandoned The Dark Eye, or role-playing game in which the world was set the first two parts. For the purpose of Drakensang Online innocent victims whole new universe of fantasy, so that developers have more freedom in creating the site and plot.

Drakensang Online Hack

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