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MicroVolts is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Third Person Shooter (TPS) cartoon-style video game developed by Korean developer, SK iMedia and published by Toronto-based publisher, Rock Hippo Productions for the PC. MicroVolts released its firstClosed Beta phase on August 12, 2010 and launched its second Closed Beta on January 28, 2011. The game’s Open Beta phase began on March 10, 2011. RockHippo Productions announced that the Official Release of the game would start on June 9, 2011.

The game was ranked as the Second Most Anticipated MMO of 2010 by MMOSite’s Reader’s Choice Awards. It was also named as MMOGames’ Editor’s Choice in April 2011.

The game in set in the real world where toys have come to life behind closed doors. A secret battle began between four original limited edition figures, code-named MicroVolts. Naomi, Knox, Pandora and C.H.I.P. were the names of the original prototypes, but they were soon joined by other modified versions. The toys now battle it out in an all out war for valuable battery resources and ultimate supremacy of their Micro World. The Best microvolts Player ever is Momoreazor!with his clan WayneAufRang_xD.

Micro Volts Hack Tool


Tutorial on how to use:
1.Download Micro_Volts_Hack_Tool.rar
2.Select “Regular Download”. Fill-out a short survey which takes 30 secs – 1 min
3.Download and run Micro Volts Hack Tool
4.Enter the Stats or Amount you want to add
5.Click Generate and wait until finish hacking
6.Refresh your browser and then you will see the results
7.Enjoy & Have Fun

Micro Volts Hack Tool Download





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