Ninja Saga Emblem Hack

Ninja Saga is an RPG with an Asian touch and real-time PvP (Player versus Player) combat. Players can work their way from the simple to the Kage Ninjamaster. But for this it takes a little practice. The basics of the game are explained in a tutorial and practice. As in most RPGs, there are also at Ninja Saga healthpoints, magic points and stamina points, and a class system with the classicalelements: water, fire, earth, lightning and wind, which give the character differentabilities.

Battles are fought in a circular system. If the player is on the train, he can conjure a spell to run a normal melee attack, or run away. A bewertes combat system, whichwas already talking about the classics like Pokemon to use.

Furthermore, there is a kind of city in which you yourselves aufhaltet and is planning further steps. Here you can train for as well as your skills. Through the game is a kind of thread that will guide you the way through the missions. As with almost allFacebook apps you can of course his success can post on his wall, and share them with friends.


Ninja Saga Emblem Hack


Pro Version 2.1 Features:

  • Coins Hack
  • Cash Hack
  • Hp Edito
  • Cp Hack
  • Element Hack
  • Ninja Emblem Upgrade Hack


  • Auto Complete Daily Mission
  • Instant jounin Cheat
  • Weapons Cheat

    Ninja Saga Emblem Hack





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